The celebs tell us there top tips to staying trim

They’ve been there, they’ve done it – hell, they’ve even made the DVD! So who better to offer us some helpful tips for looking great in 2018 than the stars of some of the most popular fitness videos of all time?

Charlotte Crosby

Charlotte Crosby DVD celebrity diet

1. Form a fitness group with your mates

‘If one slacks, the others will keep you on course.’

2. Raise your game!

‘When I started my routines I couldn’t do one of the three-minute segments without being completely out of breath. But once I could do three minutes, I upped it to six, then nine.

3. Don’t eat in front of the TV

‘If you’re watching TV you’re not watching what you eat and you’ll scoff more than you need to. Sit down at a table and eat properly.’

4. Wear Tight Clothes

‘Don’t wear loose or baggy clothes during the day because it’ll be hard to tell if you’ve gained or lost weight. Stick to fitted clothes with a waistband, so you know
if it’s loose you’re on course.’

5. Eat slowly

‘It should take 20 minutes to eat a meal. You’ll be less hungry if you eat slowly.’

Kym Marsh

6. Plan your healthy meals

‘If I know I’m going to be in a position where there’ll be limited food options available to me, then I’ll make something at home and take that with me.’

7. Buy a new kit to get inspired

‘If you want to stick with your new exercise regime, it’s often a good idea to buy some nice new kit – it’ll motivate you.’

8. Good nutrition

‘You won’t ever have a six-pack without it. No matter how many sit-ups you do, you’ll never burn fat on your stomach. A flat, toned stomach needs a body fat percentage below 15, which you can achieve through nutrition, fat-burning exercises and workouts that use a lot of “core” and abdominal muscles. One of the best exercises for this is the plank.’

Davina McCall

GIF Davina McCall

9. Pin a pic to the fridge

‘My weight yo-yos a lot, so I have to be really vigilant with food and exercise. I get motivated by pinning up a picture of myself when I was looking really good.’

10. If you want something HAVE IT!

‘I went for lunch with my dad at an Italian restaurant for his 70th and couldn’t resist a carbonara. It’s the most calorie-laden dish, with cheese, cream, pasta and bacon. But instead of denying myself, I made sure I only had a small salad for dinner.’

11. Use a sugar alternative

‘Instead of using sugar to sweeten foods, use a low-GI, sugar-free syrup like agave on cereals, on toast and in tea.’

12. Ignore the phone

‘Next time you follow a home workout DVD, make sure you’re free of all distractions. Reserve 15 minutes for yourself.’

13. Lift heavy

‘My personal trainer told me I’d outgrown the weights in his home gym. I was doing upright rows with 15kg dumbbells. If you have smaller weights, do more reps until
your muscles beg for mercy!’


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Josie Gibson

14. Track results

‘Women who track their results are 97 per cent more likely to succeed.’

15. Swap salted peanuts for almonds

‘Rub a bit of coconut oil on them, then dip them in homemade garlic salt – so tasty and a lot healthier.’

16. You can eat ice cream if you use healthier ingredients

‘I’ve been making homemade ice cream lately and instead of using double cream, I’ve been using coconut cream as a healthier alternative. I’ve also heard that almond butter and pure peanut butter work well instead of cream.’

17. Skip yourself thinner

‘Skipping is a great way to lose weight. You can buy a rope with a calorie counter.’

18. Tea curbs sugar cravings

‘I’ve discovered a tea that helps me curb my cravings for sugar. It’s a mix of liquorice and peppermint by Teapigs and tastes like a bag of sweets. I have two cups a day.’


Cindy Crawford

19. Food switches

‘When I’m craving food, it’s usually chocolate — but I’ve switched to dark chocolate and you hardly need any to get the satisfaction. Sometimes I crave pasta: a penne arrabbiata. Yum! I steer clear of things like that as much as possible, but when I do it, I’m going to really enjoy it — go to a good restaurant and not feel guilty about it.’

20. Get a good night’s sleep

‘Sleep is when your body restores itself. That’s why even the ingredients you put on your skin at night are different. During the day you want protection, but at night you’re restoring and replenishing. I think that’s true not just for your skin, but also for your health.’

Nell McAndrew

21. Run and watch the fat disappear

‘Running is the best way to burn calories and easy to fit into your day. Mix in some lunges, squats and squat thrusts and you’ll really get your heart pumping.’

22. Exercise outside

‘You burn more calories in colder weather. So if you’re not a runner then a brisk walk will still do the job.’

Nadia Sawalha

23. Get creative with ingredients

‘When dieting, many people make the mistake of assuming there are whole lists of their favourite foods, like pizza, that they just can’t eat any more. Rubbish! You just need to get creative. Tweak the ingredients and you don’t need to miss out.’

Tracy Anderson

24. Train for an hour a day, six days a week

‘Do 30 minutes of cardio training (dancing, jogging, aerobics) and 30 minutes of muscular structure (weights and stretches). Do this for the rest of your life.’

25. Watch yourself exercise

‘Look at yourself in the mirror and critique yourself and your movements as
you would a piece of artwork. Have an opinion about how you’re moving.’

Mel B

26. Understand what healthy eating really means

‘I think people get confused and think healthy only means a bit of lettuce with nothing on it – and that’s not healthy. You have to sex up a salad.’

27. Have sex

‘You burn so many calories having sex. It’s like an all-over body workout!’

28. Eat little and often

‘Eat every two to three hours – have a nice omelette in the morning, snack on some fruit, have a nice salad for lunch, snack on some nuts in between, and chicken and vegetables for dinner. Treat your body good. Feed it.’

Lorraine Kelly

29. Don’t crash diet

‘People go on silly crash diets and they don’t work. We know they don’t work. I did it for years and my weight yo-yoed up and down.’

30. Weekday to weekend

‘During the week I’m more sensible with what I eat but
I have the same things as my husband when I go back up to Scotland at the weekend

Benjamin Potter