Who doesn't enjoy a good spat? Gloves off, guys

We all love a good showbiz feud and these stars don’t disappoint. Let battle commence!

N-Dubz’s Fazer vs JLS’s Marvin Humes

What’s the beef? JLS and N-Dubz have never been the best of friends but relations are now at an all – time low after Fazer set his sights on Marvin‘s girlfriend Rochelle Wiseman.

Marvin, 25, was already annoyed when Rochelle, 21, and Richard ‘Fazer’ Rawson hung out together at the Isle Of White Festival.

Fazer, 23, then made things worse by announcing: ‘She’s hot. The things I’d like to do with her on a Saturday, you know what I’m saying?’

Marvin is then said to have come back with: ‘They’ve gone too far this time. We’ve got to get them back. We’ve put up with their nonsense for far too long.’

Now now boys, we don’t want fisticuffs. 

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