Rock chick slams skinny celebs

Outspoken 15st, 5ft 2in lesbian feminist Beth Ditto, 22 – lead singer with Gossip – has no wish to look like Mossy or Victoria Beckham.

‘Kate Moss looks boring as hell,’ she says. ‘She can find jeans that fit her. So? I want to write a book about how to alter fat-girl clothes to make them cool.

‘It could be a rival to Posh Spice’s book That Extra Half An Inch.’

Born in Arkansas in America’s Deep South, where she often dined on squirrels, Beth was voted ‘coolest person in rock 2006’ by music bible NME.

She’d love to be on the guest list at the Beckhams’ next big do – even if there isn’t any wildlife on the menu.

‘I would like to lie down on the dining table and eat in front of them all,’ she tells The Sunday Times Style Magazine.

We’re sure her invite’s in the post…

Anna Taylor