Girls Aloud singer worries about the way she looks

It’s quite comforting to know it’s not just us normal folk who are insecure about our figures – Cheryl Cole confesses she’s got body gripes, too.

The seemingly perfect pin-up, 23, doesn’t feel so perfect in real life, and has issues with everything from her weight to her height.

‘Im not happy with my body,’ she reveals. ‘I have to watch my weight and really put myself through it, trying silly diets or doing stupid gym workouts.

‘I don’t like my legs either – they’re thick set and muscular. Nor does it help being really short.’

But the Girls Aloud Geordie says she does still allow herself the odd treat.

‘Now I have one day a week when I eat whatever I like,’ she tells Sunday magazine. ‘Without that luxury, I’d go crazy!’