Wayne's fiancée says her love is priceless

Coleen McLoughlin says she won’t sign a pre-nuptial agreement before she weds Wayne Rooney.

The 20-year-old has blasted the contracts, which are popular in Hollywood, as ‘unromantic’.

No pre-nup means that if the sweethearts – who are planning to marry next year – ever split up, there’ll be no deal sorted about how much cash each of them will receive.

But Coleen has made it clear that she’s not bothered about getting her mitts on 21-year-old Wayne’s money as she has plenty of her own. She’s believed to have already stashed £5.5million through lucrative contracts.

‘Now we have separate bank accounts,’ she tells Glamour magazine. ‘One for the house and stuff and then I have my own, which is nice because I don’t have to tell Wayne how much I’ve spent anymore.’

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