Pax Thien's mum never signed papers giving him up

Angelina Jolie could face a battle to keep the three-year-old Vietnamese boy she adopted last month if his mother demands him back.

Unmarried Vietnamese Pham Thu Dung, 29, is a heroin addict and it’s been revealed
that she never signed the official adoption papers giving her son over to the Hollywood actress.

The child’s grandfather Chien, 55, said last week: ‘Our daughter is a heroin addict and she’s a bag of trouble. Her life has been ruled by drugs since she was 16. When she finds out that a rich movie star has adopted her baby, she’ll go after Angelina Jolie for money and make trouble for her. She may even try to take the child back.’

Grandmother Nhan, 51, added: ‘We’re delighted that the boy has gone to such a wonderful home. But my daughter is very smart and she’s also very stubborn, wayward and difficult.’

For the full exclusive story by Simon Parry and Carole Aye Maung, see this week’s issue of Now magazine, dated 9 April 2007.