Singer admits he's hooked on marijuana

Pop superstar George Michael has revealed he’s addicted to smoking weed – because it gets his creative juices flowing.

Confessing he’s smoked up to 25 joints a day, the 43-year-old says that if he could go without it, he would, as it’s wrecking his vocals.

‘I wish I’d never started smoking pot,’ he admits. ‘It soothes my soul, but it also destroys my voice. I am addicted to marijuana – I need it to stay creative.’

In his interview with Sunday magazine, George points to the loss of his long-term partner Anselmo in 1998 as the trigger to his habit.

‘The strange thing is, I never smoked cigarettes before that,’ he says. ‘I started smoking when he died…I don’t drink much alcohol, so it was that or taking sedatives. I didn’t want to take sedatives so I started smoking marijuana.’

Our advice, George? Just say ‘No’!