The boy wizard wins over famous fans with his new play

Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe wowed showbiz admirers at the opening of his new play Equus last night.

The 17-year-old, who gets his kit off in the show about an emotionally disturbed stable boy, has already won over hundreds of young fans who waited outside the West End theatre to catch a glimpse of the star.

And celebs in the audience were also keen to sing his praises.

Hollywood star Christian Slater said: ‘The work Daniel did on stage was extraordinary. I take my hat off to him completely.’

And TV presenter Graham Norton joked: ‘I’m not mentioning his nakedness. It’s a play – get over it, ladies.’

The Geldof sisters were also impressed. Peaches, 17, said: ‘I think Daniel acted brilliantly. I wasn’t shocked by the nudity.’

But her younger sister Pixie, 16, was a bit more gushing in her praise. ‘I was so shocked!’ she told the Daily Mirror. ‘I love him, I think he is beautiful.’

We recommend a cold shower, Pixie.

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