The Music And Lyrics star was taught by Andrew Lloyd Webber's mum

Hugh Grant plays a talented songwriter in new flick Music And Lyrics with Drew Barrymore. But the 46-year-old actor says he has no musical talent himself.

Despite being taught by Andrew Lloyd Webber’s mother as a child, little Hugh’s piano lessons failed to hit a high note.

‘I had lessons with her for a month or two, but then I had a tantrum and gave it up,’ says Hugh. ‘I had to sit on three London telephone directories to reach the keys… She’d always play very loud.’

And Hugh reckons millionaire theatre impresario Andrew thumps the piano just as enthusiastically as his mum.

‘I went to a dinner party a couple of years ago and Andrew Lloyd Webber was there,’ he tells Celebs On Sunday. ‘After dinner, he played and it was deafening. I’ve never known a man to hit the keys harder in my life. He must get it from his mother.’

Anna Taylor