Being spiked with drugs inspired her modelling career


Supermodel Jerry Hall says she only realised she was beautiful when someone spiked her drink with LSD at 16.

The 50-year-old Texan claims she was a geek in class – but mind-bending drugs inspired her to become a model.

‘I was on the nerdy side at school,’ she tells The Independent Magazine. ‘I was on the honour roll and got straight As. I hung out with the chess club.

‘I never had a boyfriend in high school. But one time I went to a party and someone spiked my drink with LSD and then told me they’d put it in.

‘I went and locked myself in the bathroom for eight hours until it passed and I remember just staring in the mirror and thinking: “Oh my God, I am beautiful”. It was a revelation.

‘That’s when I decided to model in Paris.’

And model she did. But it’s not the kind of career start-up we’d advise!