Actress suffered from anorexia and anxiety in her teens

Kate Beckinsale used to suffer so badly with anorexia and anxiety, her weight plummeted to just 5st.

Kate, 33, who had a nine-year relationship with actor Michael Sheen, says she only started to feel content when she had her daughter, Leni, eight.

‘I just didn’t feel really good about myself – not deep down – until I started bonding with my daughter,’ she explains.

‘I’m much more settled now. I spent a long time feeling very conflicted about everything and my twenties were mostly about working out a lot of crap that was clogging my brain.’

The actress – whose new thriller Vacancy hits cinemas next month – also attributes her new-found happiness to hubby of three years, director Len Wiseman, 34.

‘When I met Len, I found the man who was the right partner for me and things became much simpler,’ she tells Sunday magazine.

‘It’s an enormous source of comfort to finally have some balance and order in my life.’