Actress checks in for treatment

Troubled Lindsay Lohan was last night said to have booked into Malibu’s Promises Centre – the same place that treated pal Britney Spears.

Her reality check follows a wild weekend of partying. La Lohan got herself arrested on Saturday for ‘driving under the influence’ after crashing her Mercedes on Sunset Boulevard.

Then, just 48 hours later, she was spotted looking woozy outside a nightclub, where she allegedly fell to her knees and had to be helped in to a car, where she then passed out.

‘She finally realises rehab is the right thing to do,’ a friend tells The Sun.

And the 20-year-old’s estranged father Michael Lohan, 47, who’s just finished a 21-month jail term for drink-driving and assault, claimed he asked a drugs counsellor to speak to his daughter days before her arrest.

Michael, who found religion in prison and is now an ordained minister, says he just wants the best for Lindsay.

‘I know I’m not entirely innocent,’ he admits. ‘I’m not trying to be a hypocrite. But I’m trying to change and I want that for Lindsay, too.’