Former O.C. star says she loves to cook

Mischa Barton has ditched partying for dog walking, reading and cooking.

The former O.C. star – who is famed for hanging out with Nicole Richie – insists she prefers to stay out of the limelight and entertain friends at home.

‘I know I look the part,’ she admits, ‘but I don’t go out clubbing because that whole thing is too claustrophobic.

‘As for shopping, I’d rather walk my dogs, Ziggy Stardust and Charlie Barton. I cook a mean lasagne, and some people say my potatoes au gratin are pretty on fire.’

The 21-year-old told Weekend magazine that she’s not part of some celebrity pack.

‘I have only met Paris Hilton once,’ she insisits, ‘and that was in passing. I am friendly with Nicole Richie, but people see us at parties and assume we all know each other.

‘I actually spend my evenings curled up with a good book. Dostoevsky and John Steinbeck are my favourites.’

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