Supermodel doesn't believe she has a problem

Naomi Campbell doesn’t think she has issues with her temper.

The 36-year-old model, who recently pleaded guilty to throwing her mobile phone at her maid, insists her fiery reputation is unjustified.

‘I don’t have any more anger problems than anyone else except that I am in the public eye and when I do something wrong I have to pay for it,’ she tells GQ magazine.

The supermodel says she simply reacts when people let her down.

‘It’s not anger so much as I get hurt and disappointed,’ she says. ‘I’ve made mistakes but I’ve learned from them, and I am still learning from them. I take each day as it comes.’

Naomi also revealed she’s turned to boxing to help keep her equilibrium.

‘It calms me down,’ she says. ‘I fly so much – I’ve spent years just jetting around like a headless chicken.’