Family supports star's decision

Robbie Williams’ mother reckons that it’s a good thing that that he’s gone into rehab.

The singer, who checked himself into the Meadows clinic in Arizona on his 33rd birthday yesterday, has admitted having an addiction to prescription drugs.

‘I have known about Robbie’s problems for some time and it has been very worrying,’ his mum Jan, 56, tells the Daily Mirror.

‘But from a mother’s point of view, going into rehab is the best birthday gift he could have given himself.

‘I shall be sending him loads and loads of love, as always. I shall be going across at some stage.’

According to sources close to the star, Robbie suffers from insomnia, takes anti-depressant Seroxat, gets through 36 espresso coffees a day, smokes 60 cigarettes and drinks around 20 cans of Red Bull.

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