Brits host receives record complaints

The return of the Brits to live broadcasting for the first time since 1989 sparked hundreds of complaints about host Russell Brand’s jokes.

ITV1 had received around 300 calls and emails from irate viewers by this morning, and media watchdog Ofcom logged a further 100.

Comedian Russell, known for his risque humour, poked fun at the Queen and even Tory leader David Cameron at the showbiz bash at Earls Court.

He said: ‘Who among us didn’t smoke just a little bit of weed at school to take the edge off those crack comedowns?

‘It’s the best anti-drugs message. Don’t take drugs or you’ll end up leader of the Tories.’

Robbie Williams, currently being treated in a rehab clinic for his addiction to prescription drugs, was also the butt of the host’s jokes.

Pointing to a giant padlock on the stage, he said it was ‘Robbie Williams’ medicine cabinet’.

But despite the complaints, ITV1 said it was happy with his performance.

A spokesman said: ‘Russell was an edgy host for an edgy live event. It worked well but obviously we apologise for any offence caused.’

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