Actress denies she's a maneater

Since splitting with Jude Law last year, Sienna Miller has been spotted cosying up to Josh Hartnett, P Diddy and Hayden Christensen. She was also recently pictured topless on a beach with model Jamie Burke – but she insists she’s not sharing her wares.

The 25-year-old actress told Empire magazine: ‘It makes me angry that I have been linked to every single actor I have ever met.

‘I’ve just come out of a relationship I was in for three years, and before that I was in a relationship for two years, so I’ve actually had a boyfriend for five years.

‘But I have this reputation that I’ve s***ged this bloke and this bloke and there’s no truth in most of this. I meet Josh Hartnett and suddenly people are wondering what our babies would look like.’

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