Boyband set to reform

Brace yourselves, ladies – it could be the moment we’ve all been waiting for.

If rumours prove to be true, Wham! could be on the verge of reforming.

George Michael, 43, and former partner in crime Andrew Ridgeley, 41, are said to have held talks about holding a one-off show at the new Wembley Stadium – 21 years after their farewell performance at the venue.

‘It would be a fantastic gig,’ a source tells The Sun. ‘They’re still very popular and we think they would fill Wembley out.’

While George has gone on to enjoy worldwide success with his solo career, Andrew currently enjoys a quiet life in Cornwall with his wife and son.

Let’s hope they stick to their guns and go with the plan. We haven’t been this excited since we heard the whispers about a Take That revival being in the offing.

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