As Jennifer Aniston debuts her new shorter cut, we take a look back at how her hair has evolved...

When it comes to hair, Jennifer Aniston has it nailed.

Our gallery shows the various ways that Jennifer has styled her amazing ‘do since hitting the limelight as Rachel Green in Friends.

While the gorgeous star has sampled a variety of cuts and colours over the years, her locks are always perfectly coiffed and glossy.

The first of Jennifer’s looks on our list is the classic ‘Rachel’. Sporting choppy shoulder-length layers in 1995, Jen’s iconic bouffant is the most copied hairstyle of the 90s.

Her Friends character is infamous for introducing the brown bob to the world.

Despite being so well-known for her ‘Rachel’ hair, Jennifer Aniston later admits that it’s ‘one of the hardest hairstyles to maintain’ and grows it out.

By 1999, she’s channelling a beach babe look with blonder lengths. Jen twists her lightened mane into hippy plaits and messy waves.

It’s back to a straight style in 2001. Highlights are all the rage and Jennifer is no exception, working chic blended lines on her bonce.

Two years later and the actress is now rocking just one fair shade. She’s let her mop grow down to her chest and pulls it over to create a side parting.

2004 sees Jennifer add interest to her look with a sweeping fringe. She teases her tendrils into soft curls, which are now a deep honey blonde.

A year on, the actress has lost her bangs and goes for a more mature look with a brunette hue.

Returning to blonde hair, Jennifer Aniston is chic in 2007 with straight centre-parted ends that flow down her front. In 2009, she tries a boho style with a plait across her forehead.

Clearly a fan of a lighter look, Jennifer tries out ash blonde and bright golden coiffures in her 40s. A sharp bob refreshes her appearance in 2011.

However, the stunning star isn’t afraid to go dark for film roles.

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