Rick Edwards invites us round to check out his house and you won't believe what he keeps in his loo!


Here at Now we love interiors and making our houses look good. Which is why we are always pretty psyched to have a nosey round a celebs pads.

When Habitat invited us to take a look round Tool Academy presenter and author Rick Edwards, 36, house we jumped at the chance!

Not only could we pick up a few ideas for our own place we could also get all girly giggly over Rick! Let’s face it, looking round celebs pads is cool but HOT celebs is even better *blush*

But let’s not get too carried away with the flirty eyes, as Rick shares his pad with his girlfriend ex Eastenders actress Emer Kenny and their cat.

Turns out Rick Edwards lives in a pretty cool place. In his living room he talks about creating a ‘calm and relaxed’ vibe to help shut out the hectic world.

A neon sign, which he had made especially for his girlfriend, is the centre point and reads ‘Don’. Apparently he got it made as a reminder for his girlfriend to always remain ‘Don like’ and live the life of ‘a Don’. If you like the neon light effect then you can create your own words from Not On The High Street.

The rest of the living room is filled with retro pieces, with a pretty cool vintage style sideboard and floor lamp. For a similar lamp you could check out Habitat‘s Yves tripod floor lamp, which comes in black or white

Taking pride of place in his, er, downstairs loo, is his most prized possession. Ricks signed Kenny Dalglish Liverpool FC football shirt.

Most of his time is spent downstairs in the kitchen diner where he has recently finished his book about politics, ‘None of the Above’

We also love the fact Rick likes to chill in his kitchen with his mate Lenny playing Back Gammon. Totally unexpected for us, but it’s nice that Rick is keeping a level head and not going crazy in the mad world of celebs!

Rick, thanks for letting us have a nosey, if we’re in the neighborhood soon then we’ll pop in for a cuppa!

Kirsty Harlow