Corrie's Sean Tully's a bit of a babe magnet

Even though he came out as gay in his late teens, Antony Cotton, 31, admits he’s a hit with the chicks.

‘When I was at school, I always had girlfriends. Of course I did!’ he laughs. ‘I still get girls coming up to me when I’m out, but it’s because they love Sean, not because they are trying to turn me.

‘Women accost me in the street because they recognise me – they get me mixed up with my character and think I work at the local bingo hall like Sean does!’

But there’s no way any lass – or lad – would turn his head – he’s totally loved up with partner Peter Ecclestone, the nephew of former Dr Who Christopher Eccleston.

‘I was brought up well,’ he tells Sunday magazine. ‘My parents taught me right from wrong and not to hurt people.’

Ah, we can see why he’s such a ladies’ man!