Singer says her heart goes out to troubled star


If anyone understands the pressures of singing super-stardom, it’s the mega-successful Gwen Stefani.

But with a clean-living existence – no drink or drugs – and her head firmly screwed on, her reaction to fame is very different from that of her neighbour in LA, Britney Spears.

She says of the heart-breaking shots of Britney shaving her head: ‘It was really disturbing. It’s so sad. I feel like giving her a hug.’

And the 37-year-old even thinks Britters will up sticks and buy a new house because of the constant intrusion in to her life.

‘I think she may move because of all the grief,’ she tells Night & Day magazine. ‘Every day there are 14 papparazzi cars waiting for her. I feel bad for her. It’s tough.’

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