Model says she's finally met The One - and she wants his babies

Notoriously mardy Sophie Anderton has finally found something that puts a smile on her face – Mr Right.

And the, erm, lucky fella, businessman Timmy Grech, 35, could potentially satisfy Sophie’s biggest craving of all – to have kids.

‘It will be the making of me,’ she says. ‘I love children and I’m at my calmest when I’m around them.’

And, as usual, the 29-year-old is extremely modest about what kind of mother she’ll be.

She tells Sunday magazine: ‘I’ll be a cool, eccentric mum – the only one who turns up to parents’ evening with a tattoo down her spine!

‘I hope there’ll be a big future for Timmy and I – whether it’s marriage and kids, I don’t know yet. But I know I eventually want three children – and a nip-tuck afterwards.’