Pair enjoy reruns of the hit comedy


Celine Dion spent an afternoon watching old episodes of Sex And The City with Sarah Jessica Parker in Paris.

The singer, who is a huge fan of the TV show, hooked up with the actress after they both booked into the George VI Hotel last week.

Celine, 40, invited SJP, 43, into her suite where they caught up on reruns of the hit US comedy.

Sarah no doubt looks chic even when she’s slumped in front of the box – she doesn’t do warm but drab. The mum-of-one kept her crazy hat on all through the screening of Sex And The City: The Movie in London’s Leicester Square.

‘My philosophy is, I’d rather be cold and look good than be comfortable and think later, “I really should not have worn a parka to the premiere”,’ she told London’s Heart FM.

‘I would rather run for 18 hours in heels and think, “Yeah, that looks great” because it’s a long life. I feel panicked in a turtle neck.’