But if Céline can't wear a full length croc coat in summer, who can?

Céline Dion is undeniably an icon of our time. Yes, we can all sing along to her biggest hit; ‘My Heart Will Go On’ from Titanic, but recently it’s her sartorial choices that are catching the attention of the nation.

Rather than sticking to a style formula, Celine prefers to keep us guessing. Since she took on Law Roach as her stylist, there hasn’t been a dull moment.

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The Canadian singer is currently performing on her world tour and we have to say, her out-and-about outfits are kind of amazing.

Celine Dion tour wardrobe snake trench coat Balmain

Photo by Rex

The outfit that’s got everyone talking is this head to toe Balmain look, reportedly costing a whopping £8,000. Consisting of thing-high boots, a rock-tee style dress, complete with a floor skimming croc trench coat and leather baker boy hat.

One fan on Twitter said ‘No no no no! @celinedion what are you doingggg?? I love you but that crocodile was supposed to be more than just a coat..’ [sic] Referring to her full length trench, that we think could actually be snakeskin.

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Another fan tweeted ‘Where is the elegance and distinctive fashion of @celinedion ?? @LUXURYLAW that brown outfit is horrible! Not for Celine! Please!’ [sic]

However some of her tour outfits have received lots of praise, Just week earlier in Paris, Celine stepped out in a completely contrasting, chic pink look.

Celine Dion Paris pink

Photo by Getty

A fan was quick to comment ‘ leave it to @celinedion to make head-to-toe pink look this edgy.’ [sic]. While another tweeted the star saying  ‘You looked amazing leaving Paris today, like a true Pink Lady from Grease.’ [sic]

So while there’s still plenty of dates left on the tour, we’re thinking there will be plenty more from her bonkers tour wardrobe to come.

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