And Big Brother star also said to have had a go at Charlotte Mears


Chanelle Hayes got into a blazing row with 3 glamour models over Calum Best on Wednesday night.

The lothario was celebrating his 27th birthday at London nightspot Chinawhite and Ziggy’s ex, 20, was keen to make a move.

Only trouble was, Calum seemed more interested in the three blondes.

‘Chanelle was getting on very well with Calum until the trio of sexy girls moved in on him,’ a source tells the Daily Star.

‘When it became obvious he was taking them home, she flipped and started hurling the silk cushions from her sofa in their direction.’

And the Big Brother star is also reported to have pelted olives at Charlotte Mears, 21, who’s understandably miffed about Chanelle’s pal Danielle Lloyd, 24, dating her ex Jermain Defoe, 25.

‘Leave my mate Dani, alone, y’hear,’ Chanelle’s said to have told her.

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