Pregnant reality star says she's only had a kiss and a cuddle with Jade goody's widower

Big Brother star Chanelle Hayes claims she and Jack Tweed haven’t done the dirty, even though the pair have been dating for just over a month.

‘I haven’t slept with him,’ says Chanelle, who is expecting ex Matthew Bates’ baby.

‘I’m not that kind of girl.’

Chanelle, 22, has been snapped leaving Jack‘s mum’s house but reckons no funny business went on.

‘I stayed in the spare room,’ she insists.

‘We had a kiss and a cuddle and we watched DVDs.’

Despite the excitement about a potential romance between the pair, Chanelle is reluctant to call Jack, 22, her boyfriend.

‘We’re more than friends but don’t marry us off just yet!’ she says.

‘I’m only in love with one person at the moment and that’s my baby.’

Chanelle is due to give birth in July.

Kate Lucey