Big Brother star isn't keen on 'Essex type-looking people'

Chanelle Hayes thinks Michelle Keegan is pretty stunning.

The Big Brother star has an on-off relationship with Jack Tweed, a friend of Michelle’s fiancé Mark Wright, and is simply bowled over by ex-Coronation Street actress Michelle’s good looks.

‘I met Mark years and years ago, then I met Michelle at a Corrie event,’ says Chanelle, 26.

‘She’s one of the most beautiful women I’ve ever seen.’

Whilst Chanelle thinks Michelle and Mark, both 27, make a great couple, she doesn’t find former TOWIE star Mark quite as physically attractive as Michelle.

‘Mark isn’t my cup of tea,’ Chanelle confesses.

‘He’s got a smug-looking face. I’m not into Essex type-looking people. I don’t think Jack looks like he’s from Essex – he looks like he could be from anywhere.

‘He’s not perma-tanned, he doesn’t have a quiff or a side parting, or walk around with a dickie bow, thinking he’s special.’

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Anna Francis