And then proceeded to personally respond to the hundreds of angry replies...

Hell hath no fury like an Olly Murs fan scorned – as Chanelle Hayes quickly found out last night after she became embroiled in a twitter spat with The Voice judge.


The 31-year-old reality TV star was enjoying a Saturday night in watching the talent show, when she found herself pondering why Olly, 33, was a judge on the show when he ‘can’t sing himself’…

But rather than keep her thoughts to herself, Chanelle took to social media to slate Olly, posting a scathing tweet for all to see.

Despite not tagging Olly, he soon picked up on the tweet and was quick to bite back. ‘Can someone tell me who this lady is?’ BURN.

Cue hundreds of comments flooding in from Olly’s hoard of loyal fans, who were quick to put Chanelle in her place after the ‘nasty’ comments.

One angrily wrote, ‘Better singer and role model then you anyway,you big looser ,don’t even know who you are’

Another ranted, ‘Who are you? Your a no body. No one knows who you are? At least he’s making his money, selling records and loving his career. So stop with the hate.[sic]’

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Others called Chanelle a troll, ‘Well seeing as everyone is entitled to an opinion, I only actually know you for yo yo dieting and crying on loose women cuz you got dumped 🤔🤔 how can you say olly murs can’t sing… How did he get so far if he can’t sing?! Sorry your IQ is so low you have to troll people x[sic]’

Some did stick up for the reality show star, however, claiming Olly’s sarcastic response made him look ‘arrogant’. ‘Giving an opinion isn’t trolling for ffs, she doesn’t think @ollyofficial is up to much he doesn’t care so why do you all care!! He’s reply of who is this person made him look slighty arrogant that’s my opinion not trolling him or you or anyone else #justsaying!’

Fans also highlighted her own foray into the music industry, which enjoyed limited success.

But rather than admitting things had got a tad out of hand and muting her notifications, Chanelle then went on to engage in an impassioned discussion with Olly’s loyal fans, furiously retweeting the few and far between messages of support for her own point of few. Olly himself didn’t engage with the thread for the rest of the evening.

After making her way through the 417 replies to her tweet, Chanelle finished the ultimately-one-sided feud with, ‘Well, that kept me occupied for an hour or so. Who needs Netflix.’