Big Brother star bombarded with filthy messages from obsessed fan

Chanelle Hayes has been forced to hire a bodyguard after being stalked on MySpace by a deluded male fan.

The Big Brother star has reportedly been bombarded with internet messages from the stranger – who claims Chanelle is ‘the one’ and is convinced she’s his perfect bride.

‘He has been sending her messages up to 10 times a day,’ a source tells the Daily Star.

‘He told her how he fantasises about her all of the time and claims he genuinely believes that one day he will marry her.’

Chanelle, 19 – who’s just moved into a posh North London pad – is petrified and has not only hired the minder, she’s reportedly spent more than £10,000 on security alarms and CCTV cameras.

‘This guy wasn’t the first person to take things a step too far,’ says the insider. ‘Chanelle has a whole host of fans who get obsessed with her.’

Alison Adey