Chanelle has been battling with her health since 2017

Chanelle Hayes is panicking that she has the same debilitating condition as Lady Gaga after suffering with her health since October.

The former Big Brother star took to Twitter to ask her followers for advice, revealing she is still suffering with the same symptoms that started last year, when she first shared her health woes on the micro-blogging site.

Tweeting on Friday, Chanelle shared her old tweet, adding: ‘Ok so I have had this pain EVERY DAY since I tweeted this. In fact, it’s been flaring up and down since about October… what do u think it could be?? I’m also super exhausted (but might be due to Frankie)… any ideas?!’


2018 – The Year of The Chan – 💁🏻‍♀️

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Chanelle gave birth to her son Frankie last August after a tough pregnancy that left her feeling constantly ill.

Back in October, Chanelle shared a tweet describing her symptoms as ‘joint pain and muscular aches in these areas but all only on left side: neck, shoulder arm (bicep, forearm and elbow), muscle next to spine left side, hip, tailbone, buttocks, front left thigh, knee, shin and calf.

‘What is wrong with me? All only hurt on left.’

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Many of her followers replied saying she could be suffering from fibromyalgia – a chronic condition that causes pain all over the body – which is the same condition that forced Lady Gaga to cancel her recent world tour.

One said: ‘Fibromyalgia it sounds like I have it it’s horrible and so painful when having a flair up….. it has lot of other symptoms to one being anxiety which is the worst one for me.

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Another responded: ‘Fibromyalgia defo, it affects all your pressure points and all muscles and joints can be affected. Cold and damp weather makes it flare up worse.’

However, others advised Chanelle to see her GP, while one fibromyalgia sufferer said her symptoms didn’t sound like those of the condition.

We hope you feel better soon, Chanelle.