BB star to meet murderer as he’s considered for parole

Chanelle Hayes is to confront her mother’s killer in jail.

Keith Pollard murdered her mum, Andrea Sinclair, when the BB star was just 6 months old.

And now Chanelle – who was born in prison – and her sisters want closure by meeting him.

They received a letter from the Home Office last Wednesday, asking how they felt about Pollard as he comes up for parole.

‘Chanelle’s always been shielded from what happened to our mum – she was just a baby when it all happened,’ sister Maria Lawson, 34, told the Daily Mirror.

‘Pollard is a twisted, evil man, but confronting him might be the only thing that could finally give us closure.

‘We have been distraught since the letter arrived. The thought that he could be released has really upset us.’