Oh no...

The Geordie Shore drama has ramped up to the next level after Chantelle Connelly QUIT the show – and then hinted that Chloe Ferry slept with Gaz Beadle.


After leaving the set, Chantelle took control of her Twitter account and sent a several tweet rant.

Posing next to a picture of who is presumably her boyfriend, the Newcastle babe said: ‘Let’s jus say I couldn’t live with 2 faced [snake] would rather be with love of my life any day.


‘Fame and money isn’t everything… Health and happiness is!!!


‘Can’t wait to tell it how it really is!! You’s don’t have a Fkn clue! Well I’m about to tell all #keep #it #real you’s will be surprised

‘Ppl have to much to say yet they don’t no the facts !!! Well I do just wait till I let it all out what actual happens not what u watch!

‘Never slept with anyone EVER on the show.’

Then she messaged Chloe Ferry a now-deleted tweet: ‘@Chloe_GShore I’m a [snake] Hmmm but what about u? Thought u were charlottes best friend? Atleast I will do it on camera not off!!’

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Now fans are speculating that she slept with Gaz Beadle, especially after Charlotte Crosby asked Chantelle Connelly what was going on by sending her loads of question marks. Presumably, she got the answers after writing in a now-deleted tweet about how ‘five years obviously meant nothing,’ and ‘it wasn’t like this’ when she was on the show.

Gaz has denied the claims that he slept with Chloe in the only way Gaz knows how – by tweeting: ‘Why is everyone saying I have slept with @Chloe_GShore I love Chloe to bits no offence Chloe but id rather wipe my arse with a cactus.’


After Holly Hagan’s well publicised meltdown and the rest of the cast seemingly falling out, could this soon be the end of Geordie Shore?

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