A romantic picnic, a passionate embrace...then all hell breaks loose

The champagne was chilled, the sun was shining and the atmosphere was perfect for a romantic picnic in a London park between two lovers who hadn’t seen each other for weeks.

Until, that is, Rav Wilding exploded in rage. What ensued was nothing short of shocking.

Shouting and angrily jabbing his finger at girlfriend Chantelle Houghton, it’s no wonder she burst into tears. So what on earth happened? 

Now can reveal that Rav‘s furious outburst was caused when he spied a paparazzi lens trained on the couple – a hazard when you’re a celeb, but why the rage?

Rav, 33, believes Chantelle, 27, had tipped off the photographers about their romantic reunion in the park.

A close pal tells us: ‘Rav had no idea the photographers were there and because Chantelle arranged the picnic he felt totally used.

‘He’s in pieces. He’s left feeling like the whole relationship was a sham and that it was just for publicity.

‘He’s devastated because he genuinely loved her and thought they had a long future together.’

Read the full story about Chantelle Houghton and Rav Wilding – and see the picturesin Now magazine dated 2 May 2011 – out now!   

 Now cover 2 May 2011

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