Yet reality star Chantelle Houghton shockingly tells Now she has no regrets about her new look

Swollen, sore and cracked: Chantelle Houghton’s new lips arguably look painful. These pictures, taken just days after having lip fillers, highlight the stark reality of messing with mother nature.


‘They look horrific. My brother refuses to even look at me,’ Chantelle, 32, exclusively tells Now.

Four years ago, the former Big Brother star admitted she’d become addicted to lip fillers and just six months ago had her FF breast implants removed, paving the way for a more natural look. So what’s changed?

You’ve had your lips done! Why?

They needed plumping up. I used to have such naturally full lips, but they seemed thinner and saggy. I wasn’t happy with them.

Is that the only reason you had them done?

No, it makes me feel better about myself. They make me feel more confident when they’re plumper like this. In some ways, the bigger, the better. I feel good.

But what about all the people saying they are too big?

I know, they look insane. They’re settling down, but they were very swollen. People tell me I look like a fish and that I look ridiculous – ‘trout pout’, ‘Donald Duck’… I get it all. But I like them. They make me feel happy.


Doesn’t it upset you when people call you names?

Not any more. I’m never going to be able to stop people saying bad things – that’s just the way it is.

What do you think when you see these pictures of yourself?

I look awful, like I’ve been dug up, but they have settled down now. When people see them, I get why they say they look massive.

What does your family think?

My mum gets why I’ve had them done – she understands. But I knew if I’d asked her what she thought, she would’ve said: ‘Don’t do it!’ And my brother hates it.

Would you say you had them done because you’re insecure?

Yeah, I guess. I am insecure. I don’t think I’ll ever love myself, to be honest. But I think every girl is insecure when they see filtered pictures all the time on social media. It’s not real – it’s a false sense of real – but you’re seeing it all the time. Young girls with beautiful faces, looking amazing.

It’s a pressure on all of us…

It’s hard to love yourself with Insta-perfect pictures everywhere you look. I want to feel sexy and fuller lips make me feel like that. It’s hard to make yourself feel perfect, but these lips give me confidence.


But don’t you worry about the procedure going wrong?

It doesn’t worry me because I’ve had them so many times before that I know I’m not allergic to
the product. I guess if it was for the first time I’d be frightened. I know these things can go wrong. Someone I know had her laughter lines filled and was so allergic that she had to have the filler cut out and she has scars on her face.

And that still didn’t put you off?

For me, the positives outweigh the negatives. I think I look better and I feel better.

Are you worried that you’ll become addicted again?

I won’t let that happen. These should last about six months, but I love the way they are right now, even though they do look a bit insane. Some people look at me and do a double-take.

Do you think you’ll feel the same way in the future?

Maybe in five years’ time I’ll look back and think they’re ridiculous, but at the moment I like them.

How painful is the procedure?

Pure agony. I had tears rolling down my face and wanted to throw up. I had numbing fluid put all over my lips because it’s so unbearable, but I’m not going to go too far this time. Now they’re settled, I have the fuller lips that I wanted. Basically I’m always pouting, even when I’m not. Maybe that’s why I like it. When I first had them done, I couldn’t even close my lips. I’d put my teeth together and my lips would have a gap between them.


Whose lips would you love to have?

Kylie Jenner’s. Her lips are amazing, but she was far too young to start having them done. I’m in my thirties – I’m an adult and I know what I’m doing, but I’m not sure Kylie is the best role model, doing it at her age.

Would you consider having any other surgery?

No. I’ve had the odd bit of Botox and that makes me feel amazing, but after having my boobs reduced I’m never going to go under the knife again except for health reasons, if I have to. I don’t like my tummy, but I’d never have lipo. I need to lose some weight and I’m going to start soon.
I want to lose a stone and a half and be healthy again, but I’ll do it through diet and being sensible.

Do you regret having a boob job?

I have the most horrific scarring since having my implants removed. The surgeon had to take my nipples off and cut under, so I have scars like anchors on them. They don’t look good. I had an uplift at the same time, so they sit higher and I can wear vest tops with no bra, but I have a load of scar tissue. I think I was influenced and felt pressured – that’s what made me do it, but I wish I hadn’t.

But do you prefer not having the implants and being a natural B-cup again?

So much. I can run without hurting and my back’s free from pain. I was getting headaches and they’ve gone. It’s so much better. I know what I’m doing now and I’m getting there. I’m happy.