Chantelle Houghton is an independent woman

Chantelle Houghton and Rav Wilding have only been dating since October but already the cracks are starting to show in their relationship.

The Big Brother babe admits that since her painful divorce from hubby Samuel Preston, 28, in 2007, she’s got used to being on her own.

‘I’m quite independent, so I sometimes find it hard to have someone so “in my life,”‘ says Chantelle, 27.

‘I just don’t like being wrapped up in cotton wool.’

Crimewatch hunk Rav, 33,is a very attentive partner which Chantelle finds a bit ‘smothering’. But she does appreciate his devotion, too.

‘I sometimes find it difficult,’ admits the Essex babe.

‘But I totally trust him. I don’t think I’ve ever properly trusted anyone before.’

We’ll give it two months.

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