The CBB winner and new Mrs Sam Preston admits she felt life wasn't worth living

Before she appeared on Celebrity Big Brother as a secret nobody and won over both the viewers and housemate Preston, Chantelle Houghton was miserable.

She’d been rejected by a string of model agencies, had only 8p in her bank account and a cheating boyfriend had destroyed her confidence. Chantelle felt such a failure that she wanted to die.

‘Many times I thought about the ultimate answer,’ she tells The News Of The World. ‘I didn’t think about how to do it, but I knew why I wanted to do it. Mum knew how I felt and I cried in her arms many times.’

Now, just 10 months after her CBB win, 23-year-old Chantelle is married to the man of her dreams and has earned over £1million. Her luck has completely changed – and so has her appearance.

It was only the day before her August wedding that she decided to change her hair back to its natural brunette.

‘Preston loved it,’ she smiles. ‘My life has been completely transformed. For the first time in my life, I am with someone I trust completely. I love every bit of him.

‘If I could have dreamed up a perfect life, this would be it.’

Chantelle’s autobiography Living the Dream: My Story is published on 26 October, £16.99