Chantelle has learnt a lot

Chantelle Houghton has been through several well-publicised break-ups but she thinks she’s learned from them all.

The reality TV star had a messy split from Alex Reid last year just months after giving birth to their daughter Dolly, who’s now 1.

She previously went through a divorce from fellow Celebrity Big Brother star Preston after a short-lived marriage and was once spotted crying in a park following a row with ex-boyfriend Rav Wilding in 2011.

The couple split shortly afterwards.

‘Looking back on the Rav thing, I was so much younger then and it’s part of growing up,’ says Chantelle, 30.

‘Now I think, “Was I really that hurt? No.”

‘It’s like when you’re 15 and a boy breaks your heart and it feels like your life’s over.’

Chantelle, who last month realised her long-distance relationship with businessman Nick Hogg had come to its end, isn’t interested in a romance with another celebrity.

‘I’ve made changes to my life since having Dolly,’ the mum-of-one says.

‘The whole celeb world can be quite fake and deceitful.

‘Now I feel I’m happy in my work life but I’m not in the spotlight when I’m at home. It’s nice just to feel like me.’

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