Crimewatch host Rav Wilding struggles with girlfriend Chantelle Houghton's past

Chantelle Houghton has revealed that boyfriend Rav Wilding struggles to accept her failed marriage to Preston.

The Celebrity Big Brother star split from the Ordinary Boys singer, 29, in June 2007 after just 10 months of marriage, but the Crimewatch host doesn’t like to talk about it.

‘We have little rows – Rav finds it really hard that I’ve been married before,’ says Chantelle, 27.

‘It doesn’t anger me but I don’t like someone wanting to change my past because I wouldn’t change it for anything – I don’t regret any of it.’

Chantelle and Rav have been dating since October and although they insist they’re happy, it seems her past is a sticking point in their relationship.

‘I don’t think Rav wants to acknowledge it, but what went on between me and Preston is important,’ she adds.

‘I wouldn’t want anyone to talk badly of him because he’s my former husband and I’m protective of that.’

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