Alex Reid calls Chantelle ‘Pregzilla' as she throws a strop over another woman

Learning your fiancé is sending private messages to another woman is enough to leave anyone devastated.

Factor in that you’re six months pregnant and full of hormones and your emotions are likely to go into overdrive.

So spare a thought for Chantelle Houghton, who’s currently close to breaking point after learning that Alex Reid, 36, the father of her unborn child, has been sending private Tweets to model Amy Willerton, 19.

The couple’s rows have become so heated that Alex left their house for 24 hours to give her space.

But Now can reveal it’s not the first time Chantelle has felt she has cause to doubt Alex.

Their blazing row is just the tip of the iceberg as her growing insecurity has spiralled out of control.

Chantelle needs to feel special in her relationships,’ a source says. ‘So obviously, however innocent Alex’s messages were, she’ll think he’s losing interest.

It’s causing her so much stress.

‘She’s told us that she basically feels unwanted and, with the birth just round the corner, she feels as though Alex isn’t doing enough to make her feel special.’

Read more about Chantelle Houghton and Alex Reid in Now magazine dated 26 March 2012 – out now!

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