Chantelle Houghton confesses her weight gain has spiralled out of control

Chantelle Houghton may be busy with a young
daughter to take care of but she’s being rather tough on herself when it comes to her looks.

The star – who rose to fame on Celebrity
Big Brother
– has admitted that she’s ‘massive’ and needs to get back on
track with her diet and exercise routine.

However she confessed she ‘can’t find the
motivation’ to slim down so thinks onlookers have been surprisingly kind about her
image transformation.

‘A news website described me as having a “fuller figure”
but I wasn’t offended. In fact, I actually think they were being quite polite
considering!’ she said.

‘I look massive. I need to focus, but right now I can’t
find the motivation.’

All Chantelle knows for now is that she can no longer squeeze
herself into her comfortable denim trousers and now she has ballooned, the
columnist is frightened about seeing those numbers on the bathroom scales.

‘Instead of losing weight, I’ve gained it! I’m not
even sure how much – I’m too scared to weigh¬†myself – but my size 10 jeans
won’t go over my thighs now!’ she added in her new! magazine column. ‘I’ve literally blown up and feel really uncomfortable.’

Chantelle is mother to two-year-old girl Dolly, fathered by
Alex Reid, and the 31-year-old did a good job shedding weight only this summer
when she dropped an impressive 15lbs following the release of an embarrassing set
of bikini shots.

Still, it appears she’ll be sticking to donning stretchy
clothing for a while now and she declared that until she manages to shift the
bulge she has piled back on, she’ll remain in ‘leggings land’.

Her bold comment was a nod to those who pointed out her
form as she hid her frame in an oversized jumper and fitted bottoms earlier this month.

Chantelle was caught in a compromising situation as
she stepped out of her car to grab a hot drink and a bag of crisps despite her health kick in July.

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