Big Brother's superbitch says Zac Lichman's got very little she wants

Charley Uchea says Ziggy fancies her and he’s not the least bit interested in Chanelle.

At the Big Brother wrap party, the 22-year-old reckons he was drooling at the sight of her ‘real tits and nice arse’.

‘He was gawping at me all night,’ the ‘London It girl’ claims. ‘He was looking around to make sure Chanelle was watching.

‘He said, “Charley, I really like you”.’

Uh-huh. But BB’s superbitch says Zac really hasn’t got anything of interest to offer her.

‘The big wally, he’s 26 and looks about 45,’ she snaps. ‘He’s got a manhood like a pencil – I saw it poking out of his boxers.’


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