The troubled teen's keen to return to the limelight

Paris Jackson wants to step up her showbiz career, even though less than a month has passed since her shock suicide attempt.

The teen insists it was ‘nothing but a blip’, but her family are worried.

‘She’s been telling them the incident’s made her more determined to focus on her showbiz career,’ says a source.

‘She wants to attend the Michael Jackson Cirque Du Soleil show in Las Vegas next month but it hasn’t sunk in yet that she’ll need months of psychiatry.

‘And no one really wants to tell Paris the truth about 
how hard it’ll be.

‘Everyone’s treading 
on eggshells.’

To add to her family’s fears, 15-year-old Paris – who put herself forward as the new Doctor Who before her hospitalisation – has also set her heart on a role in JJ Abrams‘ forthcoming Star Wars movie – a part the whole of Hollywood will be competing for…

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