Brooke Mueller's tooth infection spreads

Charlie Sheen‘s wife is being treated in an intensive care unit in LA.

Brooke Mueller was admitted to Sherman Oaks Hospital with a high fever yesterday.

And she has been kept in after developing pneumonia.

‘Brooke is in the hospital ICU related to the surgery for her impacted wisdom tooth,’ her lawyer Yale Galanter tells People.

‘They are trying to get the infection and fever under control. The infection has spread.’

A Colorado judge has modified a temporary restraining order barring Charlie from contacting Brooke.

A hearing scheduled for tomorrow to discuss the order is now expected to be delayed.

Charlie, 44, was arrested in Aspen on suspicion of assault, menacing and criminal mischief on Christmas Day.

He denies allegations he threatened Brooke, 32, and lawyers for the couple have since indicated they want to reconcile.

A separate court appearance related to the charges is scheduled for 8 February.