Singer admits that she and Gavin didn't plan another child quite so quickly

Charlotte Church has admitted it was a bit of shock when she discovered she was pregnant for the second time.

Baby daughter Ruby Megan was born just 10 months ago in September 2007, but the singer will be a mum-of-two by the end of this year.

‘My hips were really, really sore and that made me do a test,’ she explains. ‘I’d just started going on the cross trainer in Gav’s gym and for the rest of the day I was in absolute agony.

‘I thought, hang on, this reminds me of the latter stages of pregnancy. I’ll just check.’

Fortunately Charlotte, 22, and 26-year-old boyfriend Gavin Henson are both taking to parenthood nicely.

‘We like being young parents,’ she she tells the Sunday Express magazine.. ‘If we’re planning on having quite a few, then we needed to get started.

‘[Gavin] has been absolutely brilliant. I knew he would be good but I didn’t realise he’d be this good.’

Liana Vickery