The singer liked to eat cheap food

Charlotte Church thinks her working class background has helped her to cope with fame.

The former child star, who grew up in Cardiff, always stayed true to her roots and continued to eat simple grub even when she was offered fancy food.

‘Being common is how I managed to remain sane,’ says Charlotte, 27.

‘When everything took off for me, when I was 12, I started going to phenomenal restaurants and I’d ask for chicken with lines on.

‘I’d grown up on microwave chips, chicken nuggets and chicken with lines on, which is what I called chargrilled chicken.’

Charlotte admits her children Ruby, 6, and Dexter, 5, are both fond of her old favourite snacks but she tries to give them a healthy diet.

‘[They] would devour chicken nuggets if offered, but are vegan at school,’ the singer tells The Observer Food Monthly.

‘It’s a Rudolf Steiner. They have hummus, muesli, soup, vegetables, and take in their own bread.

‘Anything they eat at home I cook from fresh.’

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Anna Francis