She doesn't think fiancé could do that to her

Charlotte Church says she knows that boyfriend Gavin Henson never cheated on her.

The rugby star, 25, was reported to have kissed shop assistant Tracy Donnelly during a trip to Belfast earlier this year.

But Chaz, 21, believes Gav would never be unfaithful.

‘Well, of course at first hearing something like that pulled at my heartstrings, but then I thought, nah, he wouldn’t do that to me,’ she says.

And she rubbishes claims that she kicked him out.

‘In reality, me and Gavin were at home, happy as pigs in s***,’ she says.

The heavily pregnant singer is due to give birth next month and is reported to have splashed out £30,000 on a state-of-the-art security system for her home.

‘Charlotte’s safety measures might seem over the top,’ a source tells the Daily Express, ‘but pregnancy creates a nesting instinct to help you protect your baby at all costs.’