The Church and Henson camps are at war over the new arrival

Charlotte Church’s announcement that she’s having a second baby hasn’t delighted everyone in her and boyfriend Gavin Henson’s family.

The 22-year-old singer’s mum Maria – who was 20 when she had Charlotte – is thrilled but Gav’s parents Audrey and Alan were shocked to learn that their rugby-playing son is to be a dad-of-2 at just 26.

Our source says: ‘They feel that it’s too soon. Charlotte only had Ruby nine months ago.’

Last week Gavin said that he’d like ‘6 to 8’ kids, although Charlotte added that she’d like a gap now before having another two children in quick succession.

But it’s understood that Alan Henson, who was also a rugby player, believes Welsh rugby international star Gavin should concentrate on building his career and are worried that too many children will distract him.

Our source adds: ‘Alan really loves rugby and both he and Audrey are concerned about Gavin’s career. They’ve supported him all the way since he was a schoolboy and would hate to see him throw it all away.

‘They’re also worried that he’s become more obsessed with the idea of being a celebrity rather than concentrating on his rugby.’

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