Singer keeps things cheap for 21st

When Charlotte Church turns 21 on Wednesday, she won’t be expecting a truck-load of expensive presents.

The mega-rich Voice of an Angel has instructed her nearest and dearest to keep things cheap.

‘I’ve got loads of stuff and anything I want I can buy myself,’ she tells the Daily Mirror. ‘I’ve told my nanna to get me some jewellery because she’s addicted to QVC.

‘She loves it. And there’s Gems TV too now, so she’s splitting her time.’

Even her boyfriend Gavin Henson has been told to keep his gifts minimal. ‘I’ve told him not to go nuts with my birthday presents,’ she says. ‘Because then we start having to outdo each other, which is really time consuming.’

We admire you’re level-headedness, Charl, but come on. A girl’s only 21 once. We think you should embrace your chance to get a great pressie haul.