Wild accusations 
rock the fragile couple

The fault line in Charlotte Church‘s relationship deepened last week after she accused Gavin Henson of having an affair.

The charge came following a series of rows, which started when Gavin, 27, went drinking with his pals on New Year’s 
Eve instead of spending it 
with their family.

According to our source, Charlotte, 23, has been paranoid about Gavin’s behaviour ever since and now wrongly believes he’s seeing someone behind her back.

The source tells Now: ‘She accused Gavin as he was heading to the gym, despite having no evidence. He’s been going to a club in the evenings in Bridgend near their house, because the one at their home’s too small for a proper workout.

‘He likes going there because it’s more sociable and he can have a chat to people, but Charlotte‘s suspicious and told him she’d be going with him in the future. She even snatched his gym bag off him and started looking through it.

‘When Gavin asked what she was doing, she said: “Looking for evidence.” She even accused him of having a secret phone. He told Charlotte she was being ridiculous and paranoid and was so upset he went to stay at his parents.’

This episode shows the stress that they’re both under at the moment. Out-of-shape Gavin‘s desperate to revive his rugby career – he’s dropped 
3st since his last match early last year and he needs to bulk up before he can return to first-team action.  

Our source says: ‘Gavin complained to friends that his life “isn’t fun” any more, but he creates a rod for his own back. With two kids [Ruby, two, and Dexter, one], he’s got 
to be more responsible.’

Meanwhile, we can reveal that there won’t be another series of Charlotte‘s chat show. Her management say she’s working on other undisclosed TV projects and concentrating on a new album, which will be released later in the year.


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